Parties - The Rifleman Inn

From Monday 17th May, we will be reopening. Until the 21st of June we will be open till 10pm. Watch out for further updates.


Rifleman Inn Buffet Menu

 Cooked & sliced Ham
Cooked & sliced Beef
Cooked & sliced Turkey
An assortment of Rolls
Sausage Rolls
Cheese Pastry
Pork Pie
An assortment of Quiche
Cheese & Onion Rolls
Tuna Rolls
Egg mayonnaise Rolls
An Assortment of flavoured Chicken legs
Mini Kiev’s
Scotch Eggs
Rice Salad
Veg Sticks & Dips
Bread Sticks & Dips

Priced at £9.95 per Head


Curry with rice (£3.00 ph)
Chilli with rice (£3.00 ph)
Lobby with fresh crusty bread (£3.00 ph)
Chips (£2.75ph)
Dressed Salmon (£60.00)
Fruit Basket (+50p PH)
Nacho Chips & salsa (+20p PH)
King Prawns (+95p PH)
Cakes (+£1.00 PH)
Cheese Board (+95p PH)
Nuts (+10p PH)
Crisps (+10p PH)
Tea or coffee (+50p PH)

If you don’t find an item on the menu that you desire please feel free
to request what you would like and we will be happy to provide it for you.